Sunday, February 12, 2012

Possum belly work table

Got this at an auction last month, I love it. It is in great shape; only missing the bread board.

Pictures from around the house

My new Buttery. My hubby and I built this. I try to make it functional and prim pretty, the #8 crock holds dog food, I have potatoes in the wooden bowl on the bottom shelf and hidden in the old milk crates on the floor is bottled water.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Some of the things I have made.

My banner

Hey, did I ever tell you all that the little girl on my banner riding her rocking horse is my Mom. Isn't it just a darling picture. It is one of my favorites. I made the banner myself, I wish I could figure out how to remove that white border around it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Candle holder

I just wanted to share with you this little gem I whipped up last week. It went together very quickly and I had it made and painted up and hung within an hour and a half. I made it all by myself. LOL
I wish I could build more things like cabinets, benches and more furniture type items, but I usually need Steve's help with those types of things. My abilities are limited to these small little items that require only 3-4 cuts of the lumber and a few nails, oh I did get to use the new drill press on this too, that was fun.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Clock before & after.

I told you I would show you pictures of the before and after of the clock that I put on my new prim shelf in the living room, so here ya go. I painted the whole thing black and then on the bottom part I just painted on the cardboard insert that was behind the picture of the eagles. Now that is make-do decorating.



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Redecorating/Inspiration piece

I have a master plan! That sounds pretty devious doesn't it. What I mean is I have a vision and a plan of how I am wanting to redecorate my living room. I am going for a more primitive/country look, see I love primitive/country but have not really decorated my living room in that style. My plan is to just start with one wall at a time.

I would also like to either get slipcovers or re-upholster the couch, chair and love seat with a denim fabric and then I want some new curtains, I hate the ones I have now they are so out of date.

So over the weekend Steve and I made a shelf for the first wall. I had seen a similar one in Country Sampler and really liked the looks of it.
Here are some before and after pictures what I have done so far.

Before Picture

After picture

I removed the stuff off of the top of the little hutch, I want to put some seasonal stuff up there. I also want to make a sign maybe to add somewhere to this wall and I have an idea for a long wooden candle holder to make and hang from the shelf. Steve and the boys laughed at me for changing the stuff on the shelf around 4 or 5 times already and we just put this up this afternoon and actually I have already changed it since taking this picture I put up a grapevine wreath where the berry one is and then added a fall berries to that wreath.
I think I need another one or two game boards, what do you think?

Take note of the clock it is in both the before and after pictures, I gave it a little clock face lift. Hah I'll post about that later.
I will post pictures of before and afters of each wall as I do them.
Please comment and let me know what you think.

Inspiration piece in Country Sampler's Jan. 2008 issue