Thursday, September 18, 2008

Candle holder

I just wanted to share with you this little gem I whipped up last week. It went together very quickly and I had it made and painted up and hung within an hour and a half. I made it all by myself. LOL
I wish I could build more things like cabinets, benches and more furniture type items, but I usually need Steve's help with those types of things. My abilities are limited to these small little items that require only 3-4 cuts of the lumber and a few nails, oh I did get to use the new drill press on this too, that was fun.


Black Sheep Lisa said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, i love the candle holder and also the clock maker over, WoW, what a difference!!

pammi said...

i love my drill press!!! my mom and dad gave me one for Christmas one year!!! lol.. its a great tool and makes life so much easier when drilling holes!!! lol... i love this candle holder! hugs Pam

Back in the Day said...

Found you while blog surfing! Love it! I have added you to my favorites!