Thursday, September 27, 2007

Me and Doo in our new do's

We both went to be groomed on Tuesday. LOL I finally got my hair out of the ponytail I had worn all summer. I wore it in a ponytail trying to hide a bad mistake I had made back in Feb. I had went to get my hair done and got it dyed and it turned orange, we're talking Carrot Top kinda orange. I went to Wal-mart an bought the stuff to take that color out and then it turned blonde. But all is better now.

Doo he don't really care what his hair looks like, oh to have the dogs life. If he looks a little shell shocked in the picture it is because he was asleep and I swooped him up to snap this photo. I know he was probably thinking "hey I'm sleepin here".

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Fall !!!!!!

Yippee! Today is the start of the Fall season, I may have told you before that it is my favorite season. I love the fallen leaves, the beautiful colors, pumpkins, the cool temperatures and the long days.
I really wish we could have a little place out side of town where we have our own pumpkin farm. We could also offer hayrides, sell corn stalks, gourds and of course I would sell my primitive paintin's.
When my boys were young we would rake the leaves into a big pile and they would jump in them, throw them at each other or ride their bikes through them. I'm sure that these memories help spur my love of Fall. The boys no longer want to play in the leaves but Doo loves them he has to chase them all over the yard and this can make for a very long potty brake.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Auction goodies!

Beautiful weather this past weekend so what to do but got to an auction. Hubby bid on this clothes ringer for me and glad he did it goes just great with my back porch laundry.

I also got these great little coffee tins, coffee pot, a really old tin with something horrible smelling in it. Also in this box lot was this Wizard Dri-Cube: ice in a can, with a .39 cent price printed on it, I have never seen this stuff it says you can put it in the freezer and then in a cooler and then back in the freezer.

Also got this old enamelware kettle and this bow saw.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In remembrance of 9-11

I found this site this morning; My Good Deed. I love the concept of this site, posters post the good deed they will preform on 9-11. What better way to remember all those lost on that day than to preform a good deed in their remembrance.

Now some of you may say but we should be kind and do good deeds every day and yes I totally agree with you but I also know that when you are working or taking care of your family all day and live is hectic and stressful that we sometimes forget.

So this is just a little challenge to all my blogging buddies and forum friends to go post your good deed for today. Oh and don't forget to leave a comment and let me know if you posted a good deed I would love to read it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh this is such an honor and a privledge!

What an honor!! I have received my 1st award!! This award was given to me by cyber buddy Cassie she is a sweetheart and has a wonderful blog. Oh Cassie thank you, I am so happy to have made you smile.

I'm passing this award on to one of my new pals (and fellow Crow) Michelle at The Primitive Pear, Michelle is such a sweety. I'm also awarding it to Steph at Sunshine and Ravioli because she makes me smile also and is very inspiring.