Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Redecorating/Inspiration piece

I have a master plan! That sounds pretty devious doesn't it. What I mean is I have a vision and a plan of how I am wanting to redecorate my living room. I am going for a more primitive/country look, see I love primitive/country but have not really decorated my living room in that style. My plan is to just start with one wall at a time.

I would also like to either get slipcovers or re-upholster the couch, chair and love seat with a denim fabric and then I want some new curtains, I hate the ones I have now they are so out of date.

So over the weekend Steve and I made a shelf for the first wall. I had seen a similar one in Country Sampler and really liked the looks of it.
Here are some before and after pictures what I have done so far.

Before Picture

After picture

I removed the stuff off of the top of the little hutch, I want to put some seasonal stuff up there. I also want to make a sign maybe to add somewhere to this wall and I have an idea for a long wooden candle holder to make and hang from the shelf. Steve and the boys laughed at me for changing the stuff on the shelf around 4 or 5 times already and we just put this up this afternoon and actually I have already changed it since taking this picture I put up a grapevine wreath where the berry one is and then added a fall berries to that wreath.
I think I need another one or two game boards, what do you think?

Take note of the clock it is in both the before and after pictures, I gave it a little clock face lift. Hah I'll post about that later.
I will post pictures of before and afters of each wall as I do them.
Please comment and let me know what you think.

Inspiration piece in Country Sampler's Jan. 2008 issue


tidymom said...

I LOVE your shelf and all your goodies!!! A few more gameboards would be neat, but looks good the way it is too.

I'm wanting to try a slipcover too! - I was on a blog the other day that had a nice slipcover, she said she got it at Target - so I'm going to check there!


Linda said...

Very nice!! I love the color and size!! Can't wait to see what else you do.

Gen said...

Great job i think it looks even better than ur inspiration photo :)